Valentine's Romanza


This intimate, hopeful and romantic music track features a unique combination of acoustic and orchestral instruments and positive and mellow rhythms and melodies. "Valentine's Romanza" starts off with a light, simple and very delicate melodic pattern played on the piano, ukulele and synth bells, with washes of minimal electronics, sound design and harp glissandos. This atmospherical yet driving vibe breaks open later on into a brighter and more energetic full band sound, featuring a very sentimental, introspective and touchy violin solo, clarinet, lush string arrangements, tight, groovy and bouncy drums and percussion elements, and builds up gradually until reaching a very emotional, uplifting and joyful ending. The organic, friendly and playful vibe of this track makes it most suitable for all kinds of corporate videos, business presentations, nature, travel, romance and Saint Valentine's day related contents, dramatic and moving visuals, commercials, infomercials, podcasts, tv spots and web adverts. Additional edits/versions and audio file formats available upon request.

Uploaded on 08/27/12 by BeatheBeat


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