What is this Tunefruit anyway?
Tunefruit is a modern music marketplace – a site connecting a wide variety of content contributors with all sorts of end-users.  In the old days (like last year) this type of site was referred to as ‘Stock Music’ or ‘Production Music.  We prefer to call what we offer you 'Micro Licensing'... it's more web 2.0, and appeals to our hipster sensibilities.  Introducing Tunefruit – a better mousetrap.  We’re hip, fun, fresh, loaded with great content and easy to use.  The people that run it are hip, fun, fashionable, and easy to work with.  In a nutshell we sell cool music to cool people for cool projects.  Isn’t that cool?

I'm an artist, composer, producer, band, music-maker, noisemaker - what can Tunefruit do for me?
Hopefully we can help connect your brilliant creations with other brilliant creators who need music for their brilliant creations.  Tunefruit shares 50% of all revenue with our artists.

I need music for my projects - what can Tunefruit do for me?
Hopefully we can offer you an alternative and/or supplement to whatever your previous source for stock music has been.  We think Tunefruit is awesome and once you try it we’re sure you will come back for more.

So who owns the music?
If you’re the artist, you do.  You created it, and that's a beautiful thing.  You should be free to rock in your world.  Tunefruit only wants to help you by offering a fresh marketplace so purchasers can gobble up your tracks and make their projects sweeter.

If I send my music to Tunefruit what happens to it?
A skilled team of curators reviews the submission.  Although we accept tracks from any source in any style made with any sort of tools we have a high standard for quality.  Our customers expect it and that’s ok because we know you are brilliant.  We also periodically review the site to make sure the descriptions and tagging are accurate and comprehensive.  The best of the best – the hotness - ends up in our library and becomes part of the Tunefruit catalog.

Who provides music to Tunefruit?
Gee, that’s kind of a personal question…

How many tracks can I submit to Tunefruit?
You can submit up to 10 tracks at a time. As our curators evaluate and accept music, you will be able to continue to upload more music up to 10 tracks.

There are zillions of similar sites on the web - so why should I use Tunefruit?
Good question.  We'd like to say it's because of our strikingly good looks and highbrow fashion statements.  Or, maybe because we're friendly to the earth and the environment.  But more to the point - it's because we feel like we've built a better mousetrap.  A mousetrap that is fast, clean, and dare we say… sexy.  In other words, Tunefruit rocks.  We think you will like it. Or else.

What can I do with the music I purchase on Tunefruit?
Tunefruit offers a variety of different licenses that determine the usage for a specific track.  Pricing is, of course, scaled accordingly – but still a good revenue stream for the content creators and a good deal for the content purchasers.  Once you purchase a track from Tunefruit you can use it for that specific project – for the life of that project – without any additional payments.

What kind of music is Tunefruit looking for?
'Good music!' of course. By nature, that's a very vague thing.  'Music' is pretty much just moving air.  Beauty is in the ear of the beholder.  That said, our curators do examine every track to make sure it is fresh before we put it on our shelf - so it has to pass our 'sniff test' for freshness.  If, for some reason, we don’t accept any or all of your tracks don’t be discouraged, just go back to the drawing board and be brilliant in a different way – we know you rock, you know you rock – let’s rock.

If my music is represented by a record label or exclusive music library can i send it to Tunefruit?
No, please don't.  The only people that would profit from that venture would be the lawyers and we’re not even sure we like them.

Do I need to login to buy a track from Tunefruit?
Nope.  Find a killer track, select a license that suits your purpose, and checkout.  It’s that fast.  It’s that easy. BUT...we are starting to offer beta Customer Accounts. Want one?

I’m a big time fancy pants music producer with a huge catalog of tracks and I’m way too cool to upload my tracks one at a time - is there a fast and easy way for me to get all of my brilliant work into the Tunefruit marketplace?
At the moment, the sheer number of amazing track submissions precludes us from accepting bulk uploads, but stay tuned!

What kind of files does Tunefruit accept?
.mp3's coded at 320k only please. If you need help converting an existing catalog of .aif or .wav content just contact us and we'll be happy to lend a hand.  If your work is on vinyl that’s cool and we totally respect your retro hipness.  If your work is on 8-track please repeat after me: “do you want fries with that shake?”

Does TF offer a subscription service so I can pay a monthly fee and get all of the music i need?
Not yet, but that’s most definitely in our future.  If you are interested in this sort of agreement please contact us so we can get a better understanding of our client’s needs.

I’m a content contributor. When do I get paid?
We pay you at the first of each month for the previous month’s sales. We pay out all commissions via PayPal only and you must have a valid PayPal account to receive payment. Isn’t that swell?

Need to remove your music from Tunefruit?
Hit up the ole’ contact page with your request, and we will get you taken care of pronto.

Yo, when will my tracks go from ‘pending’ to ‘approved’?
When we get around to it. Which is, to say, that we are checking out new ‘pending’ tracks constantly. So chill out. smile

This faq is cute and all, and you seem like decent folks, but it hasn't answered my question.
It's hard to be everything to everyone, but we try.  Give us a call, send us an e-mail, send up a smoke signal, Tunefruit wants to build relationships.  There are, in fact, real people, nice people - people who need people behind this curtain.  One of them will get back to you with a quickness.  We promise. Click HERE to be connected to our contact page

Can I have my music included in Content ID or Audiam and still include it in the Tunefruit music catalog?
Nope. If your music is included in YouTube's Content ID or Audiam's catalog, we ask that you not submit music to Tunefruit. Customers have to go through an onerous process of requesting removal of copyright claims, causing heartburn to all. Skip Content ID, and you're welcome to join the team.


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