Sweetest Pieces Of Now


Fragile and transparent ethnic new age. Zen improvising piano, flying flute, floating bowls and bells. Intimate, sensual and ethereal atmosphere - ideal for massage or spa saloons, yoga classes, meditation, tai chi exercises, esoteric documentary, feng shui thinking, religious movie, natural soundscape.

Uploaded on 08/08/13 by Cafe Chaika


ethereal gentle introspective meditative abstract sweeping chinese planets kitaro silk road yokahama samsara sensual beautiful koto soundscape underwater asia satisfied serenity tibet fragile karma bowl beauty soothing sweet background starlight asian lush paranormal droning transparent buddhism precussion organic serene slow erotic moon constellation deep oriental dynasty japan bell landscape mellow ocean ethnic moonlight wondrous sedate geisha bamboo singapore clarity dreamy angelic space flute tokyo japanese forgiving samurai shanghai glacial tai-chi piano meditation innocent reverb natural imaginative religious laid-back beijing thankful feng shui thoughtful easy floating good loop charming yoga karate hong kong wonderful inner energy caring soft new age tender meditate outer space sleeping orient himalaya subdued tea ceremony travel touching magical friendly spiritual atmospheric unhurried whales synth pad nepal chakra tao hypnotic spa light water harmony heavenly mesmerizing swirling valley emperor nirvana karunesh world reflective warm pensive heartwarming pad consciousness awareness intimate enigmatic monastery continuous earth healing calm ambient open flower transcendent meaningful mars pleased zen slide-show nature tranquil clouds stars chillout swirl harmonious calming hypnosis everest ceremonial qi flowing peaceful quiet vangelis planet relaxing mood astral massage taiwan kung fu drawing smooth chill bells pads peace transformation china planetary etherial fortune cookie buddha yin-yang


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