Relaxed Holiday at the Beach


This is a fresh and relaxing instrumental production song that has a feeling like going on a fun family trip, chilling out at a beautiful tropical caribbean beach, searching for an inspirational adventure, discovering a quiet mystic place, etc. Ideal for using it with movies, videos or pictures of amazing nature, magical landscapes, peaceful and mysterious places, etc. This ethereal track has a relaxed rhythm beat made completely by percussion instruments like congas, bongos, shakers, etc, so it has this sexy latin sunny island feeling kind of style. The harmony structure is made by rhythmic acoustic guitars sustained by a mellow bass. The playful and relaxing melody is played by a marimba doubled by a joyful melodic xylophone. It feels completely organic, gentle and human because it is all played by acoustic instruments. Sweet and versatile, is perfect for any inspirational, motivational or romantic advertising, creative and artistic projects, business and corporative presentations, TV show jingle, cue, cinematic, trailers, videos, publicity of products or services, or as background music for any commercial audiovisual of this kind. It could also be used as production music for a cool urban or world documentary involving dreams, discovery, a hot and easy dance, love (melancholic, sentimental or cheerful), meditation, intelligence, thinking, etc. Or on the other hand it also suits for casual commerce, informal or big markets action, business transactions, etc.

Uploaded on 05/02/16 by bpm-de


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