Magical Madness


A unique and organic combination of acoustic instruments and peaceful, mellow and innocent sounds and textures define "Magical Madness". This delicate and positive lullaby-like track starts off with piano, clarinet, celesta, castanets and ukulele playing an almost hypnotic, yet simple and catchy rhythmic pattern. The atmospherical, yet driving and flowing energy of this introduction transitions later on into a brighter and a bit more energetic and fuller sound, featuring mandolin, acoustic guitars, classical nylon guitars, synth marimba, bells, light orchestral tones, cymbals and some very minimal percussion. The organic, dreamy and playful vibe of this track makes it most suitable for all kinds of nature, magic and children related contents, laid-back, ambient, chill, mysterious and suspenseful visuals, commercials, infomercials, podcasts, tv spots and web adverts. Additional edits/versions and audio file formats available upon request.

Uploaded on 08/27/12 by BeatheBeat


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