Legacy Of Vengenace


Fast Paced and thrilling, tense, percussion track suited for chase scenes, big action, epic energy and movie trailers. It features gripping and adrenaline inducing drums from around the world, mixed with intense risers, stings, impacts and cutting edge sound design. It has a futuristic and badass primal / hybrid vibe that would be excellent in Sci-Fi, horror, psychological thrillers, action and espionage!

Uploaded on 10/10/13 by justincrosby


drums beats chaotic automobiles climax psychological aggresive star wars drum solo peak large hall commercial epic ominous filmscore hollywood drumkit james horner die hard solo drums hybrid trailer i robot building superhero intense rhythm horror scene braveheart bruce willis iron man pacific rim true lies movement cinematic tense synthesizer disturbing climactic gladiator teaser rhythms tom cruise arnold swarzenegger soundtrack urban anxious science fiction scared vengeful composer drumbeat x-men christian bale the fugitive adventure loops dramatic war anxiety star trek film cue mission impossible rise up the dark knight hybrid tension percussion orchestra scary promo drama grand revenge the avengers xmen risers footchase driving energetic evil crime sci-fi excitement film trailer casino royale break it down action cue riddick future fast movie thriller exciting panic impact fast-paced break beats action sequence percussion bed adrenaline futuristic chase trailer coming soon terrifying movie trailer auto racing diabolical independence day two steps from hell military frantic pursuit police fight fear epic film big drums pattern storm drums shia lebouf aggressive suspense rhythmic will smith storm howard shore mel gibson hugh jackman percussions epic drums megan fox angry thrilling film score automation terror escalating inception daniel craig just drums swells large drums sports tension breakdown film warfare hans zimmer blockbuster samba school drums only hybrid score action battle percussive drummer tunefruitfresh transformers string section drumming Skyfall big orchestra racing brutal sfx loopable suspenseful batman apocalyptic christopher nolan riser wolverine


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