Iron Spiked Cage


Hard extreme cinematic track with edgy industrial cyberpunk atmosphere. Striking aggressive percussions with creepy halloween bells explodes with diabolic mess of amped, pitched and bitcrushed drum loop imitating distortion guitar. Ideal for japan horror movie trailer, chasing of fighting scene, ripping monster, true cannibalistic evil unveiled.

Uploaded on 08/07/13 by Cafe Chaika


hot 2000's pounding intro computers horror warfare insane attack battle scene break it down ripping driving loops dark ethnic war disturbing tunefruitfresh massive tanks drumbeat break beats killing big fiery mystical tribal crime video games dynamic dissonant composer action packed trailer music psychodelic poignant energetic dramatic drum machines trailer synthesizers suspenseful hardcore film trailer esoteric call of duty drastic heavy bells noise breakdown competition solid energizing assault booming auto racing pattern rite industrial 2000s evil percussive striking sequencer edgy intensity battles big drums percussions cannibalistic military 21st century strong synthetic video game hammer hard monster movie trailer samba school just drums orchestral drums aggressive powerful movie robots automation menacing drumkit grand barrage drumming drums only hammers guitar angry crazy technology triumph mad fighting rebellious excitement blitzkreig drum solo action theme pitched drums sports futuristic science sfx action sports forceful film music orchestration carnage solo drums blackops bouncy action frantic innovation automobiles extreme combat explosive pushy struggle medal of honor halo movement racing thrilling high tech filmscore film dangerous tough occult blockbuster rhythms satanic presentation beats eerie mysterious rhythm mechanical breaking climactic paranormal battleground stuttering storm drums soundtrack orchestral battle murder machines drummer freaky creepy demonic experimental threatening distortion guitar adventure epic chaotic rhythmic architecture loopable clash nervous frightening japan action adventure cybernetic percussion cinematic intense stutter cyberpunk hollywood battlefield sinister battlefields hitting action thriller diabolic


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