Funky Monkey


If Devo and No Doubt had a monkey baby.

Uploaded on 07/07/16 by FoldySongs


campy playing high tech smiles erasure rubik's cube tubular 80's synth gonzo Tunefruit Freshpick funny animated neon automation high energy swatch novelty veejay devo a girl you want comedy carefree synth pop zippy danny elfman i love the 80's gnarly veejay's disney channel rudeboys frolic alternative wacky peppy no doubt popup video kitschy pop up video phineas and ferb playful zany kooky beverly hills cop tunefruitfresh flashdance spandau ballet totally the fairly oddparents bouncy disney futuristic drum machines daft cheery breakfast club culture club gag me with a spoon nicktoons fun movement electro robots nickelodeon synth-pop a-ha sixteen candles corey feldman kim possible sunny presentation 80's games humorous jumpy the human league looney the goonies cow and chicken party bright mtv corny top gun comical 1980s skatalites goonies ben 10 silly cheerful retro jovial synthesizers eighties schmaltzy animation music gremlins The Specials quirky good times slapstick parody antics 1980's zesty over the top risky business tunefruit fresh happy industrial kitsch perky flashback cartoons oingo boingo OMD reagan tunefruit fresh pick upbeat grooving 80s ska sequencer new wave john hughes molly ringwald eddie murphy dead man cartoon kids technology machines delight cartoon network pretty in pink 16 candles st. elmo's fire dead man's party cheesy light science architecture chipper schmaltz cornball tunefruitfreshpick kevin bacon tunefruit freshpick children jumping innovation computers synthpop walkman gwen stefani 1980s. 1980 quantum leap Tunefruit FreshPick


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