Xylophone and Ukulele with an innocent stirring start then a surprising right turn: passionate bridge rich with strong emotional sense of caring or reassurance sweeps across your ears courtesy of a quartet of cellos and a puirty-evoking piano; insurance products, needs-meeting family safety products; Parent child song loving comfortingly touching embraces and family affection emotional belonging attachment affinity rapport relationship home teacher classroom

Uploaded on 11/02/14 by dean


school nickelodeon anticipating sunday truthful Fervent matriarchal clear conscience outreach soaring sincere teacher charged genuine government PBS kids moral guiltless arms outstretched triumphant puppies stimulating ukulele trainer unplugged pull-ups children’s impeccable all embracing home kids baby animals warmth deep care recess Gerber playgrounds tear jerking Mother’s Day children warm children playing relaxing sophisticated learning wealth messy eater hop scotch poignant spontaneous May 10th beauty acoustic spirited sweeping sensitive mama reading elementary school nutritional richness love freedom tender hugs nursery virtue gratitude snack time singer songwrite supply organic strings bubbles pondering escalating fortunate sincerity First steps responsibility needs met uplifting medium tempo healthy childlike purpose kindergarten deep thoughts bath time safety quelling nervousness piano bells kittens counting mission chastity diapers Honesty feeling safe quieting fear thoughtful sweet flowers honest playhouse grandma impassioned Immaculate toys on the front yard desks caring spring babies duty cellos grandmother student giggling playthings teacher's pet sentimental intense concern wondrous caress charm lecture motherly love humility scholar loving dramatic emotive pbs comfort sweetness milk mom stainless educator gentle kind sesame street xylophone blessed teletubbies Thoughtfulness giggles clean hands tutor beautiful considerate atmospheric midtempo pets provincial disney channel maternal uprightness public office serene mother


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